Richard L. Garner, PHD, University of Michigan

AB Drew University, History & Economics, 1957

MA University of Pittsburgh, History, 1960

PhD University of Michigan, 1970

MA Thesis: “William M. Gouge, Jacksonian Economist”, directed by Dr. Hugh Cleland

PhD Dissertation, “Zacatecas, 1750-1821: A Study of a Late Colonial Mexican City”, directed by Dr. Charles Gibson. Committee included Sam Bass Warner, Harold Wethey, Eric Wolf

Dissertation in 2 volumes available to download from

Specialties in colonial Latin American history: long-term trends, price indices, mining output, growth rates, treasury operations

Interests in United States history: mining trends and operations, Comstock Lode, Nevada, 1860-1885

Major work in Latin American history, Economic Growth and Change in Bourbon Mexico (University of Florida Press, 1993)

Numeroud printed and on-line publications on colonial Latin American economic history at

Major work in United States History, “The Comstock: An Economic History of a Mining Bonanza, 1860-1885”, available to download no charge at

Retired professor, not-yet-retired downhill skier, weight-lifter, museum/concert goer, website manic (5), resident of Ann Arbor and formerly of other interesting places like Paris, Mexico City, Lima and Lake Tahoe and boring places like western and central Pennsylvania, reader and writer of fiction, serious but casual chef, smart conversations (no gossip or whining), witty retorts and devoted to Jake, Lily and Robin, 3 terrific g-kids, who may or may not like some of these things.

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